Bruid is proud to be designer of Elizabeth Lazan’s specially-tailored gowns during her wedding. Below is an excerpt from Ezyhealth’s interview with Elizabeth about her gown design and creative process.

Ezyhealth: We’re dying to know about your wedding dress! What will you be wearing?

Elizabeth: I just had my fitting, it’s very exciting! Because it’s going to be in California, I really wanted something local to be part of me. I’m working with a local designer and she is making a bespoke wedding gown for me – she’s designing it from scratch. The designer is called Bruid, that’s Dutch for “Bride”. I’m so happy working with her because it’s so unique. I gave her a mood board and a few ideas and I let her creativity just go. She really nailed it, so I’m very, very happy. It’s sort of vintage too. I used to run an online vintage store so I wanted that 50’s quality.

We discussed using Ivan’s work in the dress or in the wedding, but I didn’t think I could do the dinner in a glass corset for the whole five hours! So he’s making me a custom cheongsam glass top for the tea ceremony. He’s never done a cheongsam glass top before. It’s one of a kind so it’s really exciting for both of us.”

Click here to watch Elizabeth give a video interview about her dream wedding in San Franciso.